Thursday, March 1, 2007

Taking Inventory as of February 28

Here is a list of films I've seen since January 1. I have listed the year the movie was made because frequently people will ask me some variation of "Is that a real movie or one of those old ones you like to watch?"

As you can see, I've been more busy watching films than writing about them. By my count, I saw 61 films in 59 days. Many of those films were parts of film festivals or double features. Believe it or not, I wanted to see several more films but time did not allow - The Makioka Sisters (1983), a Hitchcock double feature consisting of The 39 Steps (1935) & The Lady Vanishes (1938), and 2006 Oscars nominees The Last King of Scotland & Pan's Labyrinth.


Inland Empire directed by David Lynch with Laura Dern and Jeremy Irons; (2006)
Dance Pary USA (2006)
Viva; (2007)
Rock'n Tokyo; (2006)
Desperate Measures - Short Film Compilation
Green Mind, Metal Bats - Japanese with English Subtitles; (2006)
Inframan Produced by the Shaw Brothers, Dubbed in English; (1975)
Dante's Inferno with the voices of Dermot Mulroney and James Cromwell, paper puppets; (2007)
The Mermaid of the River Plate 40 minute film based on Charles Bukowski's Copulating Mermaids of Venice, CA; (2007)
Ballad of Greenwich Village, interviews with Norman Mailer, Tim Robbins, Maya Angelou, Woody Allen, et al.; (2006)
Ten Canoes Ganadingu (Australian Aboriginal language) with English Subtitles; (2006)
Special (Creepy) Talents - Short Film Compilation
Stalking Santa - mocumentary narrated by William Shatner; (2006)
Breath, Death and Prayer - Short Film Compilation
Yellow; (2006)
The Substance of Things Hoped For; (2007)
Unholy Women Japanese with English Subtitles; (2006)
The Shore; (2005)
Animation Amalgamation - Short Film Compilation
Cutting Edge; (2006)
The Hawk is Dying with Paul Giamatti; (2006)
Ripple in the Wind; (2007)
Gobshite; (2006)
The Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell; (2006)
Neighborhood Watch; (2005)
All the Lonely People - Short Film Compilation
Fido with Carrie-Anne Moss, Billy Connolly; (2006)
Your Mommy Kills Animals; (2007)
25-Cent Preview; (2007)

Noir City 5 (Film Noir Festival):

Raw Deal (1948)
Kid Glove Killer (1942)
Cry Danger (1951)
Abandoned (1949)
99 River Street (1953)
Hell's Half Acre (1954)
The Threat (1949)
Roadblock (1951)
Framed with Glen Ford; (1947)
Affair in Trinidad with Rita Hayworth, Glen Ford; (1952)
Scarlet Street with Edward G. Robinson; (1945)
Wicked Woman (1953)
The Big Combo (1955)
The Spiritualist (1948)
I Walk Alone with Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas; (1948)
Kiss The Blood Off My Hands with Burt Lancaster, Joan Fontaine; (1948)
The Damned Don't Cry with Joan Crawford; (1950)
Possessed with Joan Crawford; (1947)

Robert Altman Retrospective:

The Long Goodbye with Elliott Gould and cameo by Arnold Schwarzenegger; (1973)
California Split with Elliott Gould, George Segal; (1974)
Buffalo Bill and the Indians, or Sitting Bull’s History Lesson with Paul Newman, Burt Lancaster, Harvey Keitel; (1976)
Nashville with Lily Tomlin, Karen Black, Ned Beatty, Shelley Duvall; (1975)

Janus Films Retrospective:

Drunken Angel with Toshirô Mifune, directed by Akira Kurosawa; (1948)
Fires on the Plain directed by Kon Ichikawa; (1959)
La Belle et la bête (Beauty & the Beast) directed by Jean Cocteau; (1946)
The Seventh Seal with Max von Sydow, directed by Ingmar Bergman; (1957)
Kwaidan with Tetsuro Tamba, directed by Masaki Kobayashi; (1964) - Note: also titled Kaidan (Alternate Spelling)

Non-festival films:

Letters from Iwo Jima with Ken Watanabe, directed by Clint Eastwood; (2006)
The Pursuit of Happyness with Will Smith; (2006)
Casino Royale; (2006)
Breakfast at Tiffany's with Audrey Hepburn, directed by Blake Edwards; (1961)

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