Monday, November 10, 2008

25 Gozinta 36

When I was a boy, I used to watch The Beverly Hillbillies on TV. Jethro was the educated one in the Clampett family. I think he made it through the 6th grade. He could do addition, subtraction, multiplication and gozintas. Gozintas? You know...2 gozinta 12 six times, 8 gozinta 64 eight times, etc.

Sometimes, I feel as confused as Jethro trying to attend all these fims that only have one or two screenings due to rep house or film festival schedules.

Starting on November 12, my goal is to attend movies on 25 out of next 36 days. That includes traveling for Thanksgiving. Among the festivals or retrospectives I will attempt to attend.

PFA's Cinema Japan
PFA's A Dirty Dozen: The Films of Robert Aldrich
2008 San Francisco International South Asian Film Festival (aka Third I Film Festival)
2008 San Francisco Korean American Film Festival
2008 Chinese American Film Festival
2008 American Indian Film Festival

My stretch goal, listed by film, is:

The Exiles - American Indian Film Festival
Hounddog - at the Roxie
A Throw of Dice - Third I
Maqbool - Third I
Om Shanti Om - Third I
Hell's Ground - Third I
The Glow of White Women - Third I
Slumdog Millionaire - Third I
The Yellow Handkerchief of Happiness - Cinema Japan
Vengeance Is Mine - Cinema Japan
The Passion of Joan of Arc - at the Castro
Shanghai Red - Chinese American Film Festival
Sparrow - Chinese American Film Festival
Gun of Mercy - Chinese American Film Festival
Ganglamedo - Chinese American Film Festival
Lola Mont├Ęs - at the Castro
Vera Cruz - Robert Aldrich
The Last Sunset - Robert Aldrich
The Show Must Go On - Korean American Film Festival
Secret Sunshine - Korean American Film Festival
The Ceremony - Cinema Japan
The Big Knife - Robert Aldrich
Boy - Cinema Japan
Attack! - Robert Aldrich
Black Rain - Cinema Japan
Onibaba - Cinema Japan
The Garment Jungle - Robert Aldrich
The Killing of Sister George - Robert Aldrich
Tokyo Drifter - Cinema Japan
Violence at Noon - Cinema Japan
Ulzana’s Raid - Robert Aldrich
A Last Note - Cinema Japan
Where Spring Comes Late - Cinema Japan
Twilight’s Last Gleaming - Robert Aldrich
Intentions of Murder - Cinema Japan

I'm no Jethro Bodine but I count 35 films on my list. I'd like to see Quantum of Solace too. It has a run at the Balboa and I like to support them whenever I can. Make it an even 36 because even I can calculate 36 gozinta 36.

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