Sunday, February 22, 2009

Taking Inventory as of February 22

The Wrestler starring Mickey Rourke & Marisa Tomei; (2008) - Official Website
Soylent Green starring Charlton Heston, Edward G. Robinson & Chuck Connors; (1973)
Kiss of Death starring Victor Mature, Brian Donlevy & Richard Widmark; (1947)
Nosferatu The Vampyre starring Klaus Kinski, Bruno Ganz & Isabelle Adjani; directed by Werner Herzog; (1979)

2009 SF IndieFest Feature Films
Somers Town directed by Shane Meadows; English & Polish with subtitles; (2008) - Official Website
Fanboys starring Dan Fogler & Kristen Bell; (2008) - Official Website
Ex-Drummer Dutch/Flemish with subtitles; (2007) - Official Website
Leaving Barstow; (2008) - Official Website
Killer Poet: The Double Life of Norman Porter; documentary; (2008) - Official Website
Morris County; (2009) - Official Website
Beauty of the Fight; documentary; English & Spanish with subtitles; (2009)
Waiting at the Gate; (2007) - Official Website
Super Happy Fun Monkeybash!; Japanese with subtitles; compiled by the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema; (2008) - Official Website
Harrison Montgomery with Martin Landau; (2008) - Official Website
Eugene; (2009) - Official Website
RSO [Registered Sex Offender]; (2008) - Official Website
Skills Like This; (2007) - Official Website
I'll Come Running; English & Danish with subtitles; (2008)
I Sell The Dead with Ron Perlman; (2008) - Official Website
The Full Picture; (2008) - Official Website

2009 SF IndieFest Short Films Preceding Select Features
Operation Falcon; 16 minutes; (2008) - Official Website
Dear Angela; 13 minutes; (2008) - Official Website
The Party; 11 minutes; (2008) - Official Website
James; 17 minutes; (2008)
Murderabilia; 10 minutes; (2008)
James; 17 minutes; (2008)
I Own You starring Gary Anthony Williams; 18 minutes; (2008) - Official Website

2009 SF IndieFest Short Film Program - A Homegrown Variety
Victoria; 12 minutes; (2007)
Severing the Soul; 18 minutes; (2008)
Shelf Life; 30 minutes; (2008) - Official Website
Lezbro: Don't Cha Know?; 12 minutes; (2008)
No Strings Attached; 37 minutes; (2008)

2009 SF IndieFest Short Film Program - A Scream and a Half
Cantata in C Major; 8 minutes; (2007)
Mombies; 11 minutes; (2008)
You Better Watch Out; 22 minutes; (2007)
Dead Boyfriends; 7 minutes; (2008)
Side Effect; 13 minutes; (2008
Dans la Corde; 16 minutes; French with subtitles; (2007)
The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon; 10; (2008)

2009 SF IndieFest Short Film Program - Altered Fates
Patrick Warren; 2 minutes; (2008)
The 100th Job; 21 minutes; (2008)
Vroom-Vroom!; 10 minutes; (2008)
F.U.B.A.R.; 5 minutes; (2009)
Burr; 28 minutes; (2008)
Dark Yellow; 30 minutes; (2008)

2009 SF IndieFest Program - I Am Curious (Pink): The Second Wave of Japanese Cinema (1986-Present)
New Tokyo Decadence: Slave; Japanese with subtitles; (2007) - Pink Eiga Website
S+M Hunter; Japanese with subtitles; (1986) - Pink Eiga Website
The Bedroom; Japanese with subtitles; (1992)
Sexy Battle Girls; Japanese with subtitles; (1986) - Pink Eiga Website

San Francisco Silent Film Festival Winter 2009 Event
Our Hospitality starring Buster Keaton; silent with intertitles; (1923)
A Kiss From Mary Pickford; silent with Cyrillic intertitles; (1927)
Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans starring George O'Brien and Janet Gaynor; directed by F.W. Murnau; silent with intertitles; (1927)

San Francisco Silent Film Festival Winter 2009 Event - Short Films of Alice Guy Blache
The Detective and His Dog; silent with intertitles; (1912)
Martrimony's Speed Limit; silent with intertitles; (1913)
Falling Leaves; silent with intertitles; (1912)

The Human Condition starring Tatsuya Nakadai & directed by Masaki Kobayashi
No Greater Love; Japanese with subtitles; (1959)
The Road to Eternity; Japanese with subtitles; (1959)
A Soldier's Prayer; Japanese with subtitles; (1961)

Josef von Sternberg Retrospective
An American Tragedy; (1931)
The Salvation Hunters; silent with intertitles; (1925)
The Devil is a Woman starring Marlene Dietrich; (1935)
Crime and Punishment starring Peter Lorre; (1935)
The Saga of Anatahan Japanese with English narration; voiced by von Sternberg; (1953)

The Devil is a Woman was preceded by a 10 minute short film titled The Fashion Side of Hollywood (1935). The film was not directed by von Sternberg but featured many of Dietrich's costumes from The Devil is a Woman.

Crime and Punishment was preceded by a 12 minute short film titled The Town (1943). The film was commissioned by the US State Department and directed by von Sternberg. The film was part of the war effort to show commonality with our European allies against the Nazis.

African Film Festival
Cairo Station with Hind Rustum; directed by Youssef Chahine; Arabic with subtitles; (1958)
Cairo As Seen by Chahine; directed by Youssef Chahine; Arabic with subtitles; 22 minutes; (1991)

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