Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kurosawa Retrospective at the Stanford Theater

The Stanford Theater is screening 18 films by Akira Kurosawa from now until March 30.

Looking at the list, I've seen several of the films before. There was a Samurai film series at the Balboa a few years back where I caught several of that genre by Kurosawa. The PFA and Castro screened several Kurosawa/Mifune collaborations in 2007 I think Looking at the Stanford line-up, I've already seen 12 of the 18. The films I haven't seen are indicated with an asterisk.

The Seven Samurai; (1954)
Rashomon; (1950)
Scandal; (1950)*
Ikiru; (1952)
One Wonderful Sunday; (1947)*
Stray Dog; (1949)
Drunken Angel; (1948)
High and Low; (1963)
I Live in Fear; (1955)*
The Hidden Fortress; (1958)
Yojimbo; (1961)
The Bad Sleep Well; (1960)
Throne of Blood; (1957)
Kagemusha; (1980)
Sanjuro; (1962)
The Idiot; (1951)*
The Lower Depths; (1957)*
Ran; (1985)*

I've enjoyed every Kurosawa film I've ever seen (although Kagemusha less so than the others). I particularly enjoyed The Seven Samurai, Ikiru, Stray Dog and High and Low.

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