Wednesday, August 18, 2010

FCUK, Stretch Hummers and Leah Garchik Strikes Again

On Monday, I was walking down Powell St towards the BART station and noticed the FCUK store is closed. For the uninitiated or dyslexic, FCUK stands for French Connection United Kingdom. I never entered the store but enjoyed seeing the store sign. Sometimes, I would see advertising that made me chuckle. "San Francisco's first fcuk."

As I walk or ride around the City, I notice things. Some people who live on the second floor of their building on O'Farrell between Jones & Taylor may want to consider closing their curtains when engaged in certain tasks. I also notice vacant commercial real estate and there is a lot of it in San Francisco.

I've noticed the return of the stretch Hummer limousine. I used to see several stretch limos every Friday & Saturday night around the City. I haven't seen them too much in the past several years. Now, I've seen the Stretch Hummer on two recent weekends.

I'm not sure what any of this has to do with the economy. It certainly has nothing to do with the movies I watch.


As I mentioned, Leah Garchik seems to have sources on the local film festival circuit. She reported in Monday's edition of the San Francisco Chronicle that the San Francisco Film Society (they sponsor the San Francisco International Film Festival) have been in negotiations for several months to take over the Clay Theater. The Clay, currently operated by Landmark Theaters, is scheduled to close on August 29.

If negotiations are successful, I wonder how it would affect the SFFS screen at the Kabuki Cinema. I also remember an announcement about SFFS opening a theater in The Presidio as part of their redevelopment plan.

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