Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Horse is a Car, You're a Barista and Is LVMH Poking Fun at Itself?

It seems like everytime I have gone to the movies in the past several months, I see the same commercials.

I see the Hyundai Equus commercial with the familiar strains of DeBussy's "Clair de Lune," the Samsung Galaxy S II commercial which pokes fun at the pretentiousness of Apple users and the LVMH commercial which presents the LVMH brand as some sort pathway to a zen state of enlightenment. The LVMH ad always induces groans and/or giggles from the audience at the end of the spot when people realize what product is being advertised. I'm not sure whether or not to take it at face value. It would be extremely edgy if LVMH was putting the commercial out there tongue in cheek but I suspect the commercial is a serious effort to brand itself.

Love them or hate them, buy their product or not, these three commercials are exceptionally well made. I have to wonder what it says about my demographic or me that I keep seeing them over and over at the various theaters I frequent.

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