Monday, September 3, 2012


I saw Klown at the Roxie in August.  If memory serves me correctly, Klown played at the 2012 San Francisco Independent Film Festival where I missed it.

Klown starring Frank Hvam & Casper Christensen; directed by Mikkel Nørgaard; Danish with subtitles; (2010) - Official Website

To call Klown a raunchy sex comedy would be an understatement.  In general, I'm not a fan of American sex comedies but for some reason, foreign sex comedies frequently make me laugh.  This is certainly the case with Klown which pushes the limits of good taste and an R rating if it had been submitted to the MPAA.

Most of the characters are named after the actor who plays them which makes me think the cast is part of a comedy or improv troupe.  Also the film's alternate title is Klown - The Movie because it is based on Klown, a Danish television series with the same characters and actors.  I wonder if the TV series is as outrageous as the film.

The most obvious comparison is to The Hangover but Klown kicks it up a couple of notches.  Just recounting the felonies depicted in film would include statutory rape, child sexual assault, child pornography and armed robbery.  The pièce de résistance involves the main character giving a "pearl necklace" to his girlfriend as an apology and demonstration of his love.  However, it is a dark room and case of mistaken identity turns out the woman is his girlfriend's mother and she complains that "some got into my eye."  She is saddled with an eyepatch for the rest of the film.

Frank is an irresponsible man whose girlfriend withholds the fact that she is pregnant because she is unsure if he is "father material."  Frank's best friend is Casper, a married man who wants to take a "Tour de Pussy" with Frank.  His plan is to canoe up a river with Frank as they make their way to a high-end brothel that a mutual friend operates one evening a year.  Along the way, the plan is to have as much sex as they can.  Their respective relationship status only serve as an nuisance; especially for Casper.

Frank's pearl necklace gift falls flat so his only option to prove he has paternal potential is to kidnap Bo, his girlfriend's shy, 13 year old, nephew and take him along on the Tour de Pussy.  From that outlandish premise, all sorts of sexual mishaps occur.  Recounting all of them would not do justice to the film.  Hvam, Christensen and Marcuz Jess Petersen as Bo, show considerable comedic skills playing off each other.  Hvam's Frank is clueless and susceptible to Casper's outrageous suggestions.  Casper has one goal - sex with any available man, woman or child and is willing to drag Frank & Bo to hell and back in his quest.  Petersen is possibly most impressive as Bo who plays straight man and at times, the butt of the jokes.

I thought Klown was hilarious but is definitely not for those who are easily offended.

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