Thursday, November 29, 2012


The day after the Hong Kong Cinema series ended, I received an email from the San Francisco Film Society informing me that Pang Ho-cheung's latest film would be screening at the AMC Metreon a week or two henceforth.  Pang Ho-cheung directed Love in a Puff and its sequel, Love in the Buff.  His latest film is Vulgaria.

Vulgaria starring Chapman To; directed by Pang Ho-cheung; Cantonese with subtitles; (2012)

Vulgaria is much different from the Love films and adds to my quasi-porn viewing trend.  Chapman To plays a film producer who is reduced to making porn.  Vulgaria documents the various indignities and mishaps which occur to him as he admirably attempts to get the movie through financing & production.  Among the more memorable scenes is a dinner with a gangster financier in which all manner of disgusting food is presented to him.  The only thing he likes is the cow vagina soup.  That scene ends with bestiality involving two mules (although they looked more like donkeys to me) and proof that the phrase "riding bareback" can have at least two meanings with respect to equines.

Not a connoisseur of HK Cat 3 films, I assume that Confession of a Concubine is a real film and Yum Yum Shaw is a real actress.  A working knowledge of HK porn would probably have made the movie that much funnier.

The beautiful Dada Chen plays Popping Candy, Yum Yum's body double on the porn shoot.  Her name refers to a fellatio technique involving, you guessed it, popping candy.  Miriam Leung (Cherie from the Love films) shows up as a government agent investigating charges of sexual harassment against To. To's real wife, actress Kristal Tin, plays his character's angry ex-wife.

Although there is almost no nudity as I can recall, Vulgaria certainly lives up to its name.  It's as raunchy as anything I can remember seeing while maintaining its humor.  Chapman To showed exceptional comic timing as the harried producer.

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