Sunday, December 2, 2012

Cinematic Spelunking

In late June, Lost Weekend Video opened the Cinecave.  I have not been there yet.  In my defense, they don't always keep their website up to date.  I've frequently checked their website in the past six months and the Cinecave program listing is out of date or not even listed.

One of the recurring events I've wanted to see is Shaolin Sundays.  Not held every Sunday (or even most Sundays), Shaolin Sundays celebrates kung fu films.  At 7 and 9 PM tonight, Cinecave is holding an Alexander Fu-Sheng Tribute.  It has captured my interest.

I'm still not sure how one attends.  I've never been inside Lost Weekend Video which is at Valencia at 21st St.  As their website says, "Cinecave is a private club, but it's free to join!  (It's included in your LWV membership)."  What is that all about?  Calling something "a private club" (while it essentially remains open to the public) is typically a way to get around some local ordinance.  

Perhaps coincidentally, the Roxie is having a Kung Fu double feature on December 13 - Seven Grandmasters (1978) and Snake in the Eagle's Shadow (1978).  Snake in the Eagle's Shadow was Jackie Chan's breakthrough role   Director Yuen Woo-ping would go on to more success (Drunken Master w/Chan) but to Western audiences, he would become best known for his fight choreography in The Matrix films, the Kill Bill films and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

I have a spotty record with Kung Fu films.  I want to like them but I'm often bored by them.

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