Friday, August 2, 2013

The Puzzle Within the Castro Theater's August Calendar

I'm not sure if I solved the puzzle this month.

August 12 - Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia in one of the Star Wars films.  I don't think it was the 1977 original because she wore the earmuff hairstyle in that one.

August 26 - Audrey Hepburn as Princess Anne in Roman Holiday.

August 19 gave me pause.  I don't recall Laurence Olivier's dimple being so pronounced.  I thought it Olivier at first but then thought it was Kirk Douglas from The Vikings. I quickly went back to my initial guess - Laurence Olivier in Hamlet who is a Danish prince for those not familiar with the film or Shakespeare's play.  Kirk Douglas' character in The Vikings was a prince too.

So the photos represent two princesses and a prince.  I'm not sure about the reference but I assume it is honoring Prince George of Cambridge (born July 22, 2013), third in line for the British throne.

I noted that Star Wars was directed by George Lucas and Roman Holiday by William Wyler.  I tired in vain to find a Catherine associated with Olivier's Hamlet but could not.  Beside, I think the photo of Fisher is from The Empire Strikes Back or Return of the Jedi, neither of which were directed by Lucas.

I also noted that all three lived in London for a period of their lives.  Carrie Fisher studied drama in London.  Hepburn held British citizenship through her father and I always detected a slight English accent to her natural speech.

However, I am still not quite sure regarding the San Francisco (or August) reference or tie-in.  Perhaps it is simply celebrating the birth of the future British Monarch, but it feels like I am missing something.

By the way, the Castro is not closed on August 26.  The program for August 26 is still to be announced.

Castro Theater Calendar - August 2013

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