Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Puzzle Within the Castro Theater's April 2014 Calendar

I give paper copies of the Castro Theater calendar to a co-worker.  He's partial to the sing-alongs at the Castro.  I told him about the puzzles embedded in the calendar and he has become quite adept at solving the name game portion.  He's quite good a matching faces to, if not names, then characters from movies and television shows.  My co-worker identified three of the people in the April calendar.  I left the calendar for him when I got into work.  He & I had several meetings that morning so I didn't see him until lunch.  By then he identified three out of the four.

April 7 - Adam West

April 14 - Sheree North

April 28 - Clint Eastwood

After identifying those three, I saw the pattern and correctly identified Ann Sothern.

April 21 - Ann Sothern

I guess I'm excused for not recognizing the actresses.  Looking at her filmography, I can only recall two of Sheree North's films - Charley Varrick and The Shootist. I can only recall one film with Ann Sothern - A Letter to Three Wives.

The clues are directional - North, South, East & West.  I believe the clues are pointing us to Earth Day (April 22).  By the way, the calendar states "TBA" for April 22 but the website states the Castro will be closed that day.  The films for April 15 have not been posted.

A second possible solution is the 2014 San Francisco International Film Festival with emphasis on "International" as in the four corners of the globe  The festival lineup was announced on April 1 and the festival begins on April 24 at the Castro so this gives it some credence. 

Castro Theater Calendar - April 2014

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