Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Puzzle Within the Castro Theater's July 2014 Calendar

I couldn't solve the July puzzle without cheating.

July 7 - my co-worker (whom I am increasingly relying on) identified Julie Andrews quickly.

July 14 - I identified Groucho Marx immediately.  I also knew that Groucho's real name was Julius Marx.  Chico's name was Leonard and Harpo's name was Arthur.  I don't know what Zeppo's birth name was.

July 21 - Neither of us knew who this was.  Armed with  knowledge of Julie Andrews, Julius Marx and the month of July, I was certain the woman pictured on July 21 was named Julie, Julia, Juliette, etc.  However, Julie was a popular name back in the day - Julie London, Julie Newmar, Juliet Prowse, Julie Christie, etc.  I eventually cheated using the Windows Snipping Tool & Google Image Search.  The actress pictured on July 21 is Julie Harris from East of Eden.

I think Groucho was called Julie by his friends.  Three Julies which looks as if it could be the plural of July.  I'm not sure what this pointing to.  July 3 when Jaws & The Towering Inferno was screening?  Do the three Julies plus July point to July 4 and Independence Day?  I also wonder if there was a Jewish connection which would point to the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival which starts on July 24 at the Castro.

As it's already the second half of the month, I'm giving up.

Castro Theater Calendar - July 2014


Much of the Castro Theater's August calendar is posted.  Among the highlights for me:

On the final three Thursdays in August, they are playing double and triple features of Leo Carax and Richard Linklater films.  The Castro is screening Linklater's Before Sunrise trilogy (one film each Thursday).  I haven't seen any of the films in the trilogy as I've been waiting for some theater to program them as such.  For the Carax portion, they are bringing back Mauvais Sang which I missed in April due to a conflict with the San Francisco International Film Festival.  The dates of the Carax/Linklater features are August 14, 21 & 28.

As long as I am digressing, I wish some theater would screen Cédric Klapisch's Spanish Apartment trilogy which consists of The Spanish Apartment (2002), Russian Dolls (2005) and Chinese Puzzle (2013).  I'll throw in Krzysztof Kieślowski Three Color trilogy which is celebrating its 20th anniversary:  Blue (1993), White (1994) and Red (1994).

The Knack…and How to Get It won the Palme d'Or at the 1965 Cannes Film Festival.  Directed by Richard Lester & sandwiched between his collaborations with The Beatles (A Hard Day's Night and Help!), The Knack is a film I have long heard about but never had an opportunity to see.  A Hard Day's Night which screened on July 9 is on the August 6 double bill with The Knack.

I notice that the Castro is bringing back more films.  Only Lovers Left Alive screened on July 11 but is on the schedule for August 12.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains is a legendary cult film which has eluded me for years.  Diane Lane, Laura Dern & Marin Kanter form an all-girl punk rock band.  It plays on August 20 with We Are the Best!  The inclusion of the Japanese film Linda, Linda, Linda would have made a nice triple bill.

I didn't realize Paul Mazursky died on June 30.  In memoriam, the Castro is showing Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice and Tempest on August 27.  I remember seeing Tempest when it came out in 1982 but I was too young to appreciate it.   The reviews are mixed so I'm not sure if I'll go but I'm leaning towards going.

As I mentioned previously, Midnites for Maniacs is screening The Wiz (with Popeye) on August 29.

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