Monday, April 13, 2015

Alamo Drafthouse San Francisco Nears Completion

I have suspected that former Roxie programmer Mike Keegan was/is affiliated with the Alamo Drafthouse since last December when he introduced The Astrologer at Another Hole in the Head.  I cannot remember how I first became aware that The Astrologer is affiliated with Alamo.  The Astrologer was restored by American Film Genre Archive which is based in Austin (just like Alamo Drafthouse).  However, the film has screened at Alamo Drafthouse and if my memory is correct, Drafthouse Films (Alamo Drafthouse's film distribution subsidiary) was credited on The Astrologer.

Regardless of Alamo Drafthouse's affiliation with The Astrologer, Keegan recently announced that he is "the new Creative Manager of the Alamo Drafthouse at the New Mission.  [He will be] the one booking the movies, hosting screenings and generally chatting with you, both online and IRL."

Keegan promised that the programming at the San Francisco Alamo Drafthouse will include "Hollywood blockbusters, independent pictures, classics, not-so-classics, foreign films, insane rediscoveries, restorations, rarities, documentaries, cult stuff, music stuff, interactive parties, and lots more.  From family-friendly sing-a-longs to gigantic space operas to brain-damaged total trash, it’s all under one gigantic roof at the New Mission."

He then posted several photos of the restoration of the New Mission.  I don't know how recent the photos are but if they are recent, there is still a lot of work to do before the theater can open...which Keegan modestly proclaims will be "the most epic theater opening to ever hit the Bay Area."

As for the opening of the New Mission, Keegan only says that they will "open [their] doors in a couple of months."

I look forward to the grand opening.  It has been over three years since I first heard about the planned SF outpost of the Alamo Drafthouse.  If nothing else, I admire the perseverance required to bring this project to fruition.  I typically shun opening night crowds of any kind but I may just venture to the Mission on the night the Alamo Drafthouse opens.  Now if they would just announce the date, I could mark my calendar.  I guess they've learned that in San Francisco, you don't announce the opening date until you are 110% sure that you can get the work done and the permits issued by that date.

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