Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Puzzle Within the Castro Theater's October 2015 Calendar

I identified the individuals in the Castro Theater's October 2015 calendar without relying on the internet.

October 5 - the image is a little small but I'm certain that is the recently deceased Christopher Lee in one of the Dracula films made by Hammer Films.  If I had to guess which film, I would venture Dracula AD 1972.

October 12 - I did not initially recognize this photo but as I stared at it, I recalled a vampire film I saw at the Castro last year.  The film was Daughters of Darkness & the actress is Delphine Seyrig.  I searched on those parameters to confirm the photo is of Seyrig.

October 19 - no need to search.  I immediately recognized Max Schreck as Count Orlok in F.W. Murnau's Nosferatu.  I didn't have to look up the image but did have to look up the spelling of Schreck's name.

Three actors playing vampires.  I do not see a vampire film on the calendar although the horror genre is well represented in October.  I'll just say the clues are pointing to Halloween.


Castro Theater Calendar - October 2015


As for the films, I have seen most of the films on the calendar.  Among the films I have not seen which interest me are:

October 13 - The Rose; I saw this film on HBO in the early 1980s.  I'm not sure why this film was talked about among my adolescent friends.  Reading the synopsis, it seems unusually depressing for 13 year old boys to discuss.  I have a feeling I would appreciate this film more today.

October 15 - Margaret Cho; not a film but a live stand-up performance on her tour.  Over 20 years ago, I saw Cho & George Lopez do a show at The Punchline.  This was before All-American Girl.  I thought she was hilarious that night and have always wanted to see her perform again.  Having recently read an interview with her, I think the time is right to see her again.

October 17 - Carnival of Souls; a well known horror film which I have never seen.

October 20 - The Devils; a film I had not heard of before reading the calendar.  Directed by Ken Russell and starring Oliver Reed & Vanessa Redgrave, the 1971 film received an X rating upon its release.  Given its pedigree, infamy & relative unavailability, I think I will be at the Castro on the 20th.

October 25 - Serpico; from 1971 to 1983, Al Pacino had a remarkable run of film roles - Godfather, Scarecrow, Serpico, Godfather:  Part II, Bobby Deerfield, ...And Justice for All, Cruising,  Author! Author! & Scarface.  Cruising was famously controversial for its depiction of homosexuals.  Author! Author! was a commercial & critical flop (Pacino's first).  Many people think Pacino jumped the shark in Scarface.  Regardless, I haven't seen Serpico in decades and the film was made before Pacino was Pacino.

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