Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Puzzle Within the Castro Theater's November 2015 Calendar

The faces on the Castro Theater's November calendar weren't too tough but I'm still not sure what they are pointing to.

November 17 - Initially, I thought this was Richard Widmark but after looking at it for a few minutes, I settled on Frank Sinatra.

November 24 - I was confident November 17 was Frank Sinatra because November 24 looked a lot like Nancy Sinatra.  I've had a crush on her since I first saw the music video for These Boots Are Made For Walking and I saw an HBO special on Frank Sinatra earlier this year.

November 26 - I thought this was Barbara Sinatra (who was previously married to Zeppo Marx).  I looked at several photos of Barbara Sinatra and I just couldn't see the match.  Eventually I cheated and used the Google search function to determine it was "Glorious" Gloria Parker a singer from the Big Band era whose sole film credit is the Water Glass Virtuoso in Broadway Danny Rose.

Broadway Danny Rose is playing on November 25 at the Castro with Hannah and Her Sisters.  Frank Sinatra's 3rd wife was Mia Farrow who starred in Hannah and Her Sisters.  I'm not sure how Nancy Sinatra fit's in.


It's a strong lineup of films at the Castro in November but I've seen most of the films on the calendar - Hitchcock, De Palma (twice), Linklater, Coppola, Malick, Akerman, Kurosawa, Bergman, Scorsese, Woody Allen, etc.

There is a Wim Wenders double feature every Monday in November.  Most of the films I have not seen.

I'd like to see Fantasia on November 8 but I have prior commitments that day.

Complicating matters, the San Francisco Film Society is screening its Fall Season films 16 days in November.


Castro Theater Calendar - November 2015

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