Monday, July 21, 2008

Faces in the Crowd and the Disciples of Jason

While attending so many movies a year, I see many of the same faces in the theater. With the exception of the ubiquitous and near famous Jason, I don't know any of their names. Here are a few thumbnails:

#1 - Asian guy, dark hair, medium height, 40's, eyeglasses, mustache, always scribbling something on a notepad, sits on the outer aisle seat, PFA and Castro regular. Last sighting - July 20, Castro Theater, The Fuller Brush Girl.

#2 - Dark brunette woman, zaftig, 40's, typically well dressed, I thought she worked at the Castro but maybe not, she is friendly with the Castro staff, PFA and Castro regular, likes to sit in the center a few rows back. Last sighting - July 18, PFA, Point Blank.

#3 - Asian guy, 50ish, kind of short, heavy set, short hair, eyeglasses, always dressed business casual (white dress shirt/dark slacks), always carrying around a gym bag, I mostly see him at festivals (Indiefest, SFIAAFF, etc.). Last sighting - 2008 SFIAFF?

#4 - Blonde/light brown haired white woman, light skin, heavy, always wearing a dress, Castro regular, seems to like old movies, sits near the front of the theater, stage right, saw her exit at Embarcadero BART during the morning rush hour, friends with #1. Last sighting - July 20, Castro Theater, The Fuller Brush Girl.

#5 - Older white woman, white hair, big round glasses, likes older films, I used to see her at the Balboa when it was rep house, I've seen her at the Castro many times. Last sighting - 2008 Noir City?

#6 - 40's, skinny Asian guy, balding, Castro regular, naturally looks angry, I think he's a waiter at one of the restaurants in Rincon Center. Last sighting - July 19, Castro Theater, Day of the Animals?

#7 - older, white guy, bald headed, wears overalls frequently, regular at Indiefest/Roxie, ran into him at a bookstore on Valencia that has since closed. Last sighting - 2008 Hole in the Head.

#8 - older, white guy, long beard, kind of shifty looking, wears weightlifting gloves, Castro regular.

Then are a bunch of people that I mentally refer to as the Disciples of Jason (great name for a horror movie). Jason, of course, is Jason Wiener. When I first saw Jason at IndieFest several years ago, he sat alone front and center. Over the years, several people have started to congregate around him. They even sit in the front row with him.

DoJ#1 - skinny, 20something, white guy, glasses, Jason's first disciple, haven't seen too much him as of late. Last sighting - 2008 Hole in the Head?

DoJ#2 - white girl, brunette, eyeglasses, 30ish, Jason told me her name but I forgot, I see her the most often of the DoJs. Last sighting - July 19, Castro Theater, Day of the Animals. I'll bet even money she attended all five shows that day.

DoJ#3 - Asian guy, 30s/40s, slightly balding, kind of a mullet haircut, eyeglasses, kind of heavyset. Last sighting - July 19, Castro Theater, Day of the Animals sitting next to DoJ#2

DoJ#4 - white guy, 50's, sandy blonde/grey hair, medium height, heavy set. Last sighting - 2008 Hole in the Head/Tokyo Gore Police .

At Day of the Animals, DoJ#2 and DoJ#3 were even sitting front row at the Castro although not in the center part of the aisle. Then I noticed #8 was sitting in Jason's seat directly in front of the Mighty Wurlitzer.

The ticket taker at BAM/PFA is a short, bushy haired, 20something guy with thick eyeglasses. I think he works or worked at the Balboa. He let me into Seven Samurai for free once at the Balboa. I had a splitting headache so I slept through much of the film. I came back the next day to catch the film in its entirety; he asked if I had been there the day before and I told him about my headache so he let me in for free.

Finally, last Tuesday (July 15), I saw San Francisco International Film Festival's Rod Armstrong at 19th St. BART in Oakland. Amazingly, he wasn't talking.

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