Monday, March 9, 2009

Previewing the 2009 SFIAAFF and TIFF

Yesterday, I stopped by the Sundance Kabuki Theater to buy some tickets for 2009 San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival. I save the handling fee by purchasing in person.

Anyway, I saw the poster for Skills Like This.

As my readers will recall, Skills Like This was one of my favorites from this year's Indiefest. There is some satisfaction in knowing I saw the film before its general release and that my opinion of the film was shared by others.


The Tiburon International Film Festival runs from March 19 to 27. I've never been to this festival. Two films caught my eye.

The Brothers Warner (2008) - This is the inside story of the little known major player in the Warner Bros. studio legend, President Harry Warner; honest Abe; visionary Sam; and volatile Jack--the original Hollywood independent filmmakers.

The Brothers Warner screens on March 21 at 3:45 PM.

The Jazz Singer (1927) - The "first" talkie with Al Jolson and produced by Warner Brothers. Both The Brothers Warner and The Jazz Singer are part if TIFF's Tribute to Warner Brothers.

The Jazz Singer screens on March 22 at 3:30 PM.

All films at TIFF screen at Tiburon Playhouse Theater.


I've finalized my SFIAAFF schedule. I bought a Castro pass good for all films at the Castro Theater from March 13 to 15. I hope to catch:

Serpent's Path/Eyes of the Spider (Japan)
The Equation of Love and Death (China)
Diamond Head (USA)
Kanchivaram: A Communist Confession (India)
Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (India)

To make the Castro Pass cost effective, I have to see five films to break even and six to come out ahead. I may add one film on March 14 to better insure I get to 5 but the other films don't really appeal to me. I made a miscalculation. Fruit Fly and The Chaser are playing at the Castro but I bought tickets to them at PFA. I may catch one of those twice during the festival. I really am a slave to the almighty dollar.

I've also purchased individual tickets for:

The Secret Lives of Urban Space (short film compliation; Kabuki)
The Revenge: A Visit From Fate (Japan; PFA)
The Revenge: The Scar That Never Fades (Japan; PFA)
High Noon (Hong Kong; PFA)
Fruit Fly (USA; PFA)
All Around Us (Japan; PFA)
The Chaser (South Korea; PFA)

I've tentatively passed on the Patsy Mink documentary. The only screening I can attend is on March 21 in San Jose. I don't know if I want to travel all the way down there. I'd have to miss The Brothers Warner at TIFF if I go down there.


I also stumbled onto this MiDNiTES FOR MANiACS Quadruple Bill on April 19 at the Castro.

2:00 PM Vigilante (1983) - Gangs Vs. Robert Forster
4:00 PM Raw Force (1982) - Krazy Kung-Fu Cannibals!
6:00 PM Escape From New York (1981) - John Carpenter
8:00 PM Lady Terminator (1988) - Explicit Nudity & Explosions


Waltz With Bashir is still playing at the Landmark Theaters.

The Chronicle had an article on Fran├žois Truffaut's The Wild Child (1970). It turns out that Truffaut's daughter has lived in the Bay Area for the past 25 years and is married to a former PFA director. The film was just re-released.

Both Waltz With Bashir and The Wild Child are playing at the Opera Plaza.

I believe Harvard Beats Yale 29-29 opens Friday at the Opera Plaza.


If I miss Waltz With Bashir this week, it opens on March 13 at the Four Star.

The Beast Stalker opens there on an unspecified date. This Chinese action/thriller stars Nicholas Tse and Nick Cheung.

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