Friday, March 27, 2009

Roxie Mondays, Castro Tuesdays, Paramount Fridays and FoFF Sundays

I previously mentioned that the Roxie is having a Monday special - $5 admission for all shows on Mondays. The Castro is following suit. Starting on April 14, the Castro is instituting a $5 admission policy on Tuesdays.


The Film on Film Foundation has announced their next screening. It's April 5 at 8:30 PM at the PFA. It's Accident (1967) directed by Joseph Losey and Harold Pinter with a screenwriting credit.

Accident stars [Dirk] Bogarde and [Stanley] Baker as at-one-time-close Oxford dons in the midst of excruciating and calamitously competitive mid-life crises, Jacqueline Sassard as the incredibly beautiful student with whom they both fall in love, to the detriment of their respective spouses, and the young Michael York as her fiance, in one of his first screen roles.


On April 3, the Paramount Theater in Oakland screens An American in Paris (1951). I've had a crush on Leslie Caron since I saw her in Gigi 25 years ago. That's the film where Maurice Chevalier sings "Thank Heaven for Little Girls" and "I Remember it Well" with Hermione Gingold.

In An American in Paris, Gene Kelly plays an American ex-G.I. in Paris who just wants to paint (though he’s obviously the best hoofer in Europe). Caught between two women (Nina Fochs and Leslie Caron), he finds that sometimes all an artist can do is just... dance! The combination of George Gershwin’s music, Gene Kelly’s dancing, and Vincente Minnelli's direction is irresistible! This Technicolor song-and-dance extravaganza swept the Academy Awards for 1951, with Oscars for best picture and the major technical categories: screenplay, score, cinematography, art direction, set design, and even a special Oscar for the choreography of its epic 18-minute closing ballet.

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