Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Forgotten André de Toth Film and Busy Times Ahead

I saw Two Girls on the Street at the PFA in Janaury. The main reason I went was because André de Toth directed the film.

Two Girls on the Street; Hungarian with subtitles; (1939)

I remember being disappointed when the film was over. Expectation ran high for a de Toth film in his native language. I can't remember anything about the film three months later. Usually, at worst, I only remember a scene or two. Sometimes reading the PFA notes on the film jog my memory. Not with Two Girls on the Street and I can't find a more detailed plot summary on the internet. I'll have to leave it at that.


With the exception of some Claire Denis films which are part of a PFA series, I'm fully caught up now. The first quarter was packed with more films than usual for me. Noir City, Cinequest and SFIAAFF really put me through the ringer.

During Q1, I saw 117½ films or programs. That compares to 94 films in Q1-2010. 70½ filmsin the first quarter of this year were from the three festivals mentioed in the previous paragraph.

The cost is a little tricky because I donated to SFIAAFF in 2010 and most of my donation was tax deductible. I received a T-shirt, book and two DVDs in addition to my festival pass. I'll estimate the total admission costs at an even grand. That puts the average cost a $8.51 per screening.


The film festival schedule for the second quarter is coming into focus. The San Francisco International Film Festival will be held from April 21 to May 5. After some initial hesitation, I bought a 10 film Cinevoucher. I'm seeing films at the Castro, Viz, PFA & Kabuki Cinemas.

From May 13 to 26, the Roxie screens I Wake Up Dreaming — 2011 : The Legendary and the Lost!, their annual spring noir festival. Although I don't see his name in the on-line program description, I assume Elliot Lavine is programming the series as before. The progam includes films from Robert Siodmak, Fritz Lang, Joseph Lerner, Anthony Mann & Robert Aldrich.

The YBCA has a program from May 19 to 26 called Three-Way: A Trilogy of Vintage Erotica. The series includes Camille 2000 from legendary director Radley Metzger. The YBCA ends their overview with "Stay tuned for 'Three-Way Redux: A Trilogy of Contemporary Erotica.'"

Another Hole in the Head Film Festival plays at the Roxie from June 2 to 16. This year, they dispensed with the screenings at the Viz.

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