Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tsunami & Earthquake Relief For Japan Vol.2

When I wrote about Viz Cinema's screening of Hula Girls, I forgot to mention how well attended the event was. They held three screenings that day and I went to the final one. Given that the capacity of the theater is 143, I'd say 80 to 100 people were in the audience at my screening. I should have opined that if Viz drew that many on a regular basis, they would not have had to reduce operations. I also thought it would be a good idea to repeat the fundraiser for both philanthropic and marketing reasons.

Great minds think alike because Viz has announced Tsunami & Earthquake Relief For Japan Vol.2 to be held on Sunday, April 17 (one screening at 3:30 PM). This time, they are screening a wonderful film called The Taste of Tea (2003). I most likely saw the film at SF Indiefest in 2004. I remember the film vividly and greatly enjoyed it.

NEW PEOPLE is holding a second fundraising film event. This time the chosen film is The Taste of Tea, an opening film for the 2003 Cannes Film Festival that is based in a little town surrounded by the natural beauty of Tochigi, Japan, which is also an area vastly damaged by the recent earthquake and is striving to recover as we speak. A huge thanks to the supporters who attended the Hula Girls film event that raised $5,024 towards the relief efforts for Japan!

If you missed Hula Girls, want to see (or rewatch) The Taste of Tea or want to help the earthquake & tsunami victims in Japan, the Viz is hosting an event just for you.

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