Monday, June 3, 2013

The Puzzle Within the Castro Theater's June Calendar

The June calendar is out and the puzzle wasn't too difficult.  There were only two days in June which the theater was closed which made it easier.

June 10 - I quickly recognized Alfred Hitchcock as the man in the photo.  I didn't recognize the woman
June 17 - I did not recognize the man or the woman in the photo.

After some perusal, I thought the woman looked similar in both photos. She appears to wear the same fur coat in both photos although I don't know if that is true.  She looks older in the second photo.  Guessing it was the same woman in both photos, I started to wonder if that was Hitchcock in the June 17 photo.  I correctly guessed that the woman was Hitchcock's wife, Alma.  I googled her to see what she looked like.  I mentally picture her as Helen Mirren since seeing Hitchcock.  This photo came up as a result of the Google search.  Larger and in higher definition, it definitely looks like Hitchcock in the June 17 photo.

So both photos are Alfred Hitchcock & Alma Reville.  It wasn't much of leap to think the clues pointed to the Hitchcock 9 series at the Castro which is presented by the San Francisco Silent Film Festival.  The Hitchcock 9 series will be held from June 14 to 16 at the Castro.

The same series will run from August 16 to 31 at the PFA.  Judith Rosenberg will be accompanying two of the films (Champagne and Easy Virtue) at the Castro series but will be accompanying all nine films at the PFA series.  That's something to consider if you want to see all nine films but don't want to spend all day at the Castro on June 16 and 16.

Castro Theater Calendar - June 2013

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