Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Ones that Got Away and The Ones That Are Coming Up

I will note that I completely skipped this year's DocFest (June 6 to 23) and Frameline (June 20 to 30) film festivals.  I saw 28 film screenings in June so it's not as though I had a lot of time to squeeze those two festivals into my itinerary.

I considered buying a six pack for DocFest but never pulled the trigger.  This is the first year that DocFest is in June so I'll have to work on making time to see it.  I have long supported Jeff Ross and the Indiefest team.

I plan on seeing several films at the 2013 San Francisco Silent Film Festival starting on Thursday and running through Sunday, July 21.  I'm also eyeing a few screenings at the 2013 San Francisco Jewish Film Festival (July 25 to August 12).  I just purchased tickets to some of the screenings at the Japan Film Festival (July 27 to August 4) at the Viz.

I also read there was a shooting on the same block as the Roxie Theater.  I have written before about how that area of the Mission is becoming more dangerous.  The latest shooting occurred outside the Double Dutch bar, an establishment that Indiefest has had events at before.  I've never been there but I have been to Doctor Bombay's (Bewitched reference) the previous bar in that location.

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