Friday, September 13, 2013

The Puzzle Within the Castro Theater's September Calendar

I know I wrote yesterday that I wasn't going to post for awhile but I had a "Eureka!" moment last night.

September 3 - My co-worker immediately identified Peter Falk.  I would not have been able to identify him despite having watched Columbo as a kid.  He looks a little like Dana Carvey in the photo, no?

September 30 - John Cassavetes.  No one in the office recognized him.  I racked my brain for a week and gave up.  I cheated by using an online image search.

Peter Falk & John Cassavetes - what is the connection?  Peter and John; very Catholic names.  What's happening in the Bay Area in September? New Bay Bridge, NFL season starts, America's Cup racing, SF Symphony and Opera seasons start, etc.

I gave up on this month's puzzle but I went to the Castro last night to see the Chaplin double feature.  It was the first time I had closely read the film synopses on the back of the calendar.  By the way, the trailers for the films screening at Midnites for Maniacs on September 20 looked very interesting.  The two films are Can't Hardly Wait and The Rules of Attraction; no word yet on the Roxie's portion of the triple feature.

Anyway, as I was reading the synopses while waiting for the film to start, I came across an entry on September 25 which I had previously overlooked.  Mikey and Nicky - Peter Falk and John Cassavetes ignite the screen in Elaine May's experimental drama of two childhood buddies, now low level hoods, caught up in a mob squeeze. Ned Beatty co-stars in this film of genuine power, as ragged as the Philadelphia night the characters are trapped in.

Elaine May's most famous directorial effort is the infamous Ishtar which I believe Midnites for Maniacs screened not long ago.  I was impressed by May's The Heartbreak Kid.  I saw and enjoyed most of A New Leaf on television some time ago.  Those four films represent May's entire output as a director.  The calendar clue combined with her pedigree are enticing me to attend the September 25 screening.
Castro Theater Calendar - September 2013

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