Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Puzzle Within the Castro Theater's November 2013 Calendar

I completely failed at solving the puzzle in the Castro Theater's November calendar.

November 4 - my first thought was Jack Palance but I don't think so.  I'm drawing a blank here.

November 5 - it took me a few days, but eventually I recognized Frances Farmer.  I think I recognized her mainly because she was on the April calendar.  I don't believe I have ever seen a Frances Farmer film.  She looks a little like Grace Kelly, no?

November 12 - on the hardcopy version of the calendar, this date is occupied by Lloyd Bridges.  I wonder why the change was made.  This looks a little like Lawrence Tierney with a blonde dye job.

November 18 - a co-worker who recently read a biography of Hedy Lamarr immediately recognized her.

November 25 - within a short period of time, I recognized John Garfield.

November 26 - I originally thought this was Carole Lombard with dyed brunette hair and then wondered if it was Joan Crawford.  I doubt the photo is of either woman.

What are all these clues pointing to?  November, Farmer, Lamarr, Garfield and originally Bridges.

Castro Theater Calendar - November 2013

I picked up a hardcopy of the Castro's December calendar on Wednesday but there were no faces on the dates the theater will be closed.  I also looked online a few days ago and there were no faces but I notice that the calendar posted on the Castro's website now has four faces.  I immediately identified three of the individuals but that is for another post.


Brian Darr said...

It's basically the same clue as the December 2011 puzzle.

Dan said...

I wasn't aware of the puzzle within the calendar in December 2011. Even if I had been aware, I don't keep an archive of Castro calendars. If such an archive exists electronically, I would be interested in the URL.

Feel free to post the answers. If you really want to play cat & mouse, please identify the individuals on November 4 and 26.

Brian Darr said...

Those two are Jean Marais and Loretta Young.

December 2011 was the first calendar with a puzzle in it. I don't know of an archive of the images. I can tell you (by memory) who was on it, if you like.