Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Puzzle Within the Castro Theater's December 2013 Calendar

It was a very easy puzzle this month.

December 2 - I recognized Michael Caine immediately.

December 3 - This took a few seconds but after having seen 1970s era Carol Kane in The Last Detail and The Mafu Cage this year, I was quite certain it was Carol Kane.  The Caine/Kane homophone helped.

December 23 - I did not recognize this woman but having recognized Caine, Kane & Candy, I assumed this person was named Candy or some derivation (Candi, Kandi, etc.).  I initially wondered if it was a young Candice Bergen but looking at photos of Bergen from the 1960s, I realized this was not Bergen.  I briefly wondered if it was Candy Darling but the bouffant hairstyle nixed the notion without even looking at photos.

So I went to IMDB and searched for Candy under Names.  The list of female actresses were (in this order):  Christina Aguilera, Candace Cameron Bure, Candice Bergen, Candy Ann Brown, Candy Clark, etc.  Who knew Christina Aguilera's nickname is Candy?  I know what Aguilera looks like and I remember Candace Cameron from Full House so I eliminated those two.  Candy Ann Brown?  I didn't know her but she is a black actress with piercing blue/grey eyes.  That eliminated her.

Candy Clark was in The Man Who Fell To Earth.  The present day photos of her were promising; something about the eyes.  I found this San Francisco Chronicle interview with her.  In it, the writer states "It's her best role [The Man Who Fell to Earth], acting-wise, surpassing her Oscar-nominated performance as the platinum blond party girl Debbie Dunham in George Lucas' American Graffiti."  That's when I had my Eureka! moment.  The Dec 23 photo is from American Graffiti.

December 25 - I recognized John Candy immediately.

Michael Caine, Carol Kane, Candy Clark and John Candy - it must be Candy Cane in celebration of the holiday season.

Castro Theater Calendar - December 2013

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