Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Magick Lantern Redux

I mentioned that the Magick Lantern Theater in Pt. Richmond closed a few months ago.

I recently received an email which stated:

 As many of you know, “The Magick Lantern” has recently closed its doors.  This little theater had brought marvelous artistic and quality films to our community, filling a cultural and entertainment need for all.

    Since then, a core group of residents has rallied to resurrect this theater.  We have formed a non-profit corporation.  We need your donations and memberships for start-up costs such as theater seats, screen, projector, Blu-Ray DVD players, amplifier, snack bar, license fees, film rentals, plus other incidentals.

    The Magick Lantern is holding an Open House on Saturday December 6th, between 1-4 (see flyer below).  Please come to the Open House to learn more about how the Magick Lantern will be run, its membership and fundraising activities.  We would like to hear from you.

    Each donor will receive a letter from The Magick Lantern as a qualified non-profit and for which his or her donation would be considered tax-deductible.

    Hope to see you on the 6th of December.

Apparently, the Magick Lantern is going the non-profit route in an effort to resurrect itself.  They seem confident enough in their reopening that they imply they will screen Boyhood, Cinema Paradiso & Gone With the Wind soon.

I wish them well.   I notice the contact person is "Fred" whereas the previous owner was Ross Woodbury.  Also, their message has a laundry list of start-up costs which I imagine would be available on a rent/donation basis if Woodbury is involved in the "new" Magick Lantern.  I am curious how much this reincarnated Magick Lantern compares to the original one


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