Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Puzzle Within the Castro Theater's December 2014 Calendar

This month's puzzle in the Castro Theater's calendar only had one clue.

The image I have attached below is the revised calendar.  The original calendar (and its paper version) listed Boyhood and Pulp on December 11.  Both films were cancelled/postponed.  No reason was stated.  Although not listed on the calendar, the Castro screened Paul Thomas Anderson's Inherent Vice on December 11.

Similarly, Lea DeLaria's live comedy performance on December 31 was bumped with no explanation.  The film or event on New Year's Eve has not yet been announced.

December 1 - within a few minutes I identified Harry Dean Stanton without the help of the internet although I did confirm his identity that way.

I'm not sure of the significance of Stanton's image being displayed on the December calendar and I'm too busy to give it more thought.  I wish someone would provide me the answer key to these puzzles.


The month is halfway through and I have not been to the Castro.  I wanted to see Nightcrawler on December 10 but work kept me from making the 7 PM showtime.

I would like to see a screening of Blade Runner The Final Cut on December 15 &16.

Other films which I may see are The Women (Dec 27) and My Fair Lady & The Music Man (Dec 29).

Much of the January calendar is posted.  Pulp is rescheduled to January 13.  January 14 is programmed with an intriguing double feature of Planet of the Apes and Escape From New York.  I assume that is the original PotA.


Castro Theater Calendar - December 2014

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