Saturday, December 13, 2008

Closing in on 36 and The Candy Snatchers

I'm going into the home stretch of my 36 day death march. The films I have seen since November 12 (which seems like a lifetime ago):

The Exiles - American Indian Film Festival
Hounddog - at the Roxie
A Throw of Dice - Third I
Maqbool - Third I
Om Shanti Om - Third I
Hell's Ground - Third I
The Glow of White Women - Third I
Slumdog Millionaire - Third I
The Yellow Handkerchief of Happiness - Cinema Japan
Vengeance Is Mine - Cinema Japan
The Passion of Joan of Arc - at the Castro
Shanghai Red - Chinese American Film Festival
Sparrow - Chinese American Film Festival
Gun of Mercy - Chinese American Film Festival
Ganglamedo - Chinese American Film Festival
Lola Montès - at the Castro
Vera Cruz - Robert Aldrich
The Last Sunset - Robert Aldrich
The Show Must Go On - Korean American Film Festival
Secret Sunshine - Korean American Film Festival
The Ceremony - Cinema Japan
The Big Knife - Robert Aldrich
Boy - Cinema Japan
Attack! - Robert Aldrich
Black Rain - Cinema Japan
Onibaba - Cinema Japan
The Garment Jungle - Robert Aldrich
The Killing of Sister George - Robert Aldrich
Tokyo Drifter - Cinema Japan
Violence at Noon - Cinema Japan

I attended holiday parties on December 10 & 11. The Garment Jungle and The Killing of Sister George was a double feature on the night of the 11th. I left the party early on December 11 to get to PFA to see The Garment Jungle. The Killing of Sister George runs 2 hours, 2 minutes and was the second half of the double bill. I was already dragging after staying out late on the 10th. I passed on The Killing of Sister George since seeing it would mean I would get home between 12:30 and 1:00 AM and then have to get up for work the next morning.

Day 36 is Wednesday, December 17. I've seen 24 films on the list, missed 6 and have 5 more to go. That adds to 35 and I planned on seeing Quantum of Solace to average one a day. Like all good plans, this one had to adapt. I added the following three films as substitute films.

The Times of Harvey Milk
Ashes of Time Redux
I Can't Think Straight

I plan on seeing Happy-Go-Lucky at the Roxie on Monday, December 15.

I want to see Baby at the 4 Star Theater before it ends on December 18. However, I have one or two films planned from today to December 17 and December 18 is Day 37. I could see three films tomorrow and squeeze Baby in December 15 but that would mean three films in a 7 hour period including a BART ride from Berkeley to the Mission District. I'm worn out so I may call it quits at 34 films in 36 days and see Baby on Day 37.


Speaking of Baby, some quick research shows that it screened at the 2007 San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival (March 2007). However, IMDB lists it as a 2008 film.


For the record, when I went to find my DVD of Dr. Zee's Chasing the Dragon, I discovered it was Combat Mortal. I didn't get to the 4 Star to see his trilogy as that would mean leaving my Xmas party earlier and staying out later than I did on the 11th.


The Castro released most of their January calendar on-line. Berlin and Beyond and Noir City dominate the month. One program I hadn't notice before was MiDNiTES FOR MANiACS (the i's are always lower case) presentation of Broken Homes For The Holidays on January 9. This triple feature includes Watcher in the Woods and Stand By Me. It's the third feature (the midnight show - technically 11:45) that interest me. It's called The Candy Snatchers and the program states they will be screening the "RARE original grindhouse 35mm print." Released in the 1973, this film is featured in as "an unrelentingly bleak morality play" and "the movie reminds me of, those old hard nose detective shows from the '70s episode of Starsky & Hutch gone horribly, horribly wrong." It's sound like my kind of movie. Read the full synopsis (with spoilers).


Being a creature of habit, I keep going to the same restaurants when I am near a theater since spending hours at a theater leaves little time to cook. The three theaters I go to most ofter are the Roxie, the Castro and PFA. When I go to the Roxie, I frequently get a Falafel or Falafel Deluxe from Truly Mediterranean. When I go to PFA, I get a Persian Burger (i.e. lamb) at Bongo Burger. When I go to the Castro, I stop by Orphan Andy's on 17th which is an old-timey, 24 hour diner (breakfast served all day). It's old time decor not the staff and clientele which run queer given the neighborhood. Actually, the last time I was there was the first time I have seen a female waitress there. I'm partial to the Chicken Fried Steak, omelettes and Club Sandwich.

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