Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Timecrimes and the San Francisco Sweep

Last night, I saw Timecrimes at the Bridge Theater. The film was an entertaining time travel story where three temporal versions of a man co-exist with the latter two trying to steer events to avoid the time loop. The film was shot in Spain.

I realized upon entering the Bridge Theater that I had not been in that theater before. My curiosity piqued, I checked the San Francisco Movie Guide in the Chronicle this morning and I believe that I have now been to every movie theater within the City and County of San Francisco. At least, I've been to every theater listed in the movie guide. Some theaters don't pay for a listing. Read the Balboa Theater Newsletter (Dear Friends Section) for the week of December 19 for more information.

I've been to all the theaters listed in the December 23 edition of the Chronicle - AMC 1000, AMC Loews Metreon, Balboa, Castro, Century SF Centre, Cinearts @ Empire, 4-Star, Sundance Kabuki, Bridge, Clay, Embarcadero, Lumiere, Opera Plaza, Marina, Presidio, Red Vic, Roxie Stonestown and Vogue. I went to the Marina and the Presidio before they were rennovated by Frank Lee. Were they always (at least since 1992) owned by the Lee family?

There used to be a lot more theaters in the City - Coronet, Galaxy, Metro, Northpoint, Regency I and II, St. Francis and more have all closed down in the last 10 years or so. I found an interesting website that celebrates old theaters from around the world. It's called Cinema Treasures.


My original intention last night was to see the 7PM showing of Milk at the Castro. Monday is supposedly the slowest day for movie theaters; hence the Roxie's $5 Monday special, the audience of 12 at Timecrimes last night and the Castro and PFA's frequent closing on Mondays. However, there was a line that stretched most of the block to see Milk last night. The line is made worse by the fact that the Castro only has one ticket booth and can seat 1,600 people.

I don't know if I'll get to see Milk at the Castro. Today is the last day it's showing at the Castro.


The cashier at the Bridge told me that The Wrestler with Mickey Rourke and Marisa Tomei is opening there on January 9. This highly anticipated film has already won several awards including two for Rourke & Tomei by the San Francisco Film Critics Circle. I've had a crush on Marisa Tomei since I first saw her in the late 80's on the first season of A Different World.

I don't know if it is the economy, cold weather or rain but I was able to park on busy Geary St. at 9 PM last night, directly in front of the Bridge which is at Geary and Blake. It seems that that area is always tough to park in but not last night. Come to think of it, I was able to park one block away from the 4-Star at 2 PM on Sunday & on Green St between Webster and Buchanan three hours later. Those areaa are even tougher to find parking than the Inner Richmond/Laurel Heights.

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