Thursday, December 18, 2008

Movie Marathon Man and PFA 2009 Schedule

My 36 day marathon ended last night. The final tally was 34 films in 36 days.

Original Film List
The Exiles - American Indian Film Festival
Hounddog - at the Roxie
A Throw of Dice - Third I
Maqbool - Third I
Om Shanti Om - Third I
Hell's Ground - Third I
The Glow of White Women - Third I
Slumdog Millionaire - Third I
The Yellow Handkerchief of Happiness - Cinema Japan
Vengeance Is Mine - Cinema Japan
The Passion of Joan of Arc - at the Castro
Shanghai Red - Chinese American Film Festival
Sparrow - Chinese American Film Festival
Gun of Mercy - Chinese American Film Festival
Ganglamedo - Chinese American Film Festival
Lola Montès - at the Castro
Vera Cruz - Robert Aldrich
The Last Sunset - Robert Aldrich
The Show Must Go On - Korean American Film Festival
Secret Sunshine - Korean American Film Festival
The Ceremony - Cinema Japan
The Big Knife - Robert Aldrich
Boy - Cinema Japan
Attack! - Robert Aldrich
Black Rain - Cinema Japan
Onibaba - Cinema Japan
The Garment Jungle - Robert Aldrich
The Killing of Sister George - Robert Aldrich
Tokyo Drifter - Cinema Japan
Violence at Noon - Cinema Japan
Ulzana’s Raid - Robert Aldrich
A Last Note - Cinema Japan
Where Spring Comes Late - Cinema Japan
Twilight’s Last Gleaming - Robert Aldrich
Intentions of Murder - Cinema Japan
Quantum of Solace

Substitute Films
The Times of Harvey Milk - Roxie
Ashes of Time Redux
I Can't Think Straight - Roxie
Happy-Go-Lucky - Roxie

I'll write more about some of the individual films. Briefly, I was greatly impressed by the Cinema Japan series at the PFA. Robert Aldrich's films were more hit and miss.


As if on cue, PFA released their early 2009 program on their website within the last 24 hours.

The von Sternberg program I'm looking forward to is called Josef von Sternberg: Eros and Abstraction. Sixteen films run from January 15 to February 22. Several of the films are silents with Judith Rosenberg providing piano accompaniment.

January 15 - Underworld
January 18 - The Last Command
January 20 - Children of Divorce
January 24 - The Docks of New York
January 31 - Thunderbolt
February 1 - The Blue Angel
February 6 - Morocco
February 7 - An American Tragedy
February 7 - Dishonored
February 8 - The Salvation Hunters
February 12 - Shanghai Express
February 12 - Blonde Venus
February 14 - The Scarlet Empress
February 20 - The Devil Is a Woman
February 20 - Crime and Punishment
February 22 - The Saga of Anatahan

The films screening from January 24 to February 14 conflict with either Noir City or SF Indiefest. I'll have to examine the schedules more closely if I can accommodate them.


Speaking of Noir City, PFA has a program sure to appeal to Noirist like me. One-Two Punch: Pulp Writers on Film screens 8 films from February 13 to 28.

The Kill-Off
Miami Blues
Black Angel
Phantom Lady
Série noire
Screaming Mimi
The Woman Chaser


Another PFA event is Masaki Kobayashi’s The Human Condition, "a nine-hour epic about Japan’s occupation of China during the Second World War." The program consists of three films screening on February 15.


On Wednesdays during the spring semester at Cal, PFA is showing Film 50, "an undergraduate course designed for non–film majors [which will be] open to the public as space permits." The films start at 3 PM so I won't be able to attend many (any?) of them.


The Roxie is offering $5 admission for all films on Mondays for an indefinite time. That's cheaper than their Roxie Pass price.

Baby has been extended at the 4 Star until Wednesday, December 24.

Tickets for Berlin and Beyond can be purchased at the Goethe Institute at 530 Bush St. (near the Chinatown arch). You can avoid the ticket processing fee (I hate processing fees and/or I'm a cheap bastard) by purchasing at Goethe. In addition, they only charged me $8 for my ticket ($10 is the listed price). I don't know if that was a mistake or an in-person discount. I didn't realize it until I checked the program guide and noticed the regular program price. The Goethe is interesting - there are a bunch of Aryan looking, German speaking people working there. Situated at the edge of Chinatown, it must make for amusing cultural contrasts and misunderstandings at certain times. I can imagine a German speaking person trying to order Americanized Chinese food in English from a Cantonese speaking restaurant worker in Chinatown.

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